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Giovani Alessandro Shetane Zanolino

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I'm named Giovani Alessandro Shetane Zanolino. I was born in Perigueux, France, on 7 june 1986 and raised on Curaçao. My father is a French-Italian Artist, Philippe Zanolino. My mother, Elvia Moenir-alam, is of Indian-Persian Surinamese descent. She is a practicing attorney and Curaçao born mother of 8.

There is a new generation on the rise and it's cradle is in the Caribbean; a generation of mixed race, culture and language, a meeting of the old world with the new, a struggle between Mother nature and Modern nature. Associated with Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, a generation both sophisticated and street, a mix of Spirituality and Capitalism. Where victors are victims and victims are victors. Countless influences culminating in our peoples. This is the direction of the new generation, this is the Caribbean.

My art stems from this mix and the drive to understand where we come from and who we are. It is a representation of opposites trying to find balance. And just like us, art represents the state of humanity and divinity in history and in the cosmos.

The truth is that we are fortunate to be connected in creation, when we witness the unison, it becomes apparent that everything is a facet of the whole. With all the information available to us, we are free to elevate ourselves to a state of awareness rather then one of ignorance. I wish to walk the path towards self realisation, documenting the process with art. To find truth and live in harmony is the goal.


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